Saturday, April 28, 2012

REPLY: How I learned to say, 'Hi, Google Docs; bye, MS Word'  [ via @CNET ]

When it comes to office technology, I wouldn't toss out MS Word or the other Microsoft applications. True, MS Word has over 1000+ features which the average user does not use. However, it's designed for the office specialist - the document producer. Google Docs are good but, it's not great. It lacks the formatting features that MS Office and Open Office have.  Google Docs might be sufficient for cloud based companies that aren't heavily document driven. Yet, as for day to day documentation, plans, and processes, I recommend sticking to the Office applications. And as with anything, there are risks - when it comes to security and leveraging documents - I wouldn't risk it in the Google cloud. 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Passive-aggressiveness is confusion’s weakness.

      When we’re passive aggressive, we operate in a state of - believing in ourselves, yet doubting our own abilities. This is a lack of confidence.  Unfortunately, the longer we persist at our goals while facing unwelcomed challenges, the more we start to feel like we are not good enough.  At that moment, we’re walking in a passive-aggressive mode – that is, living up to our goals but doubting ourselves the entire time.  This toggling back and forth leads to unnecessary confusion.  Experience has taught me to, drop passive.  When moving forward walk aggressively, move with a purpose.  Stride for your claim. Should you need to pause, do so only to let one pass. Never, block anyone from going forward, for that is the only time to be passive.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Her Rollercoaster Life?

          I’m so over the Whitney exploitation, earthlings have yet learn to respect…but, the title did allure me. Mission accomplished you think? Oh well. I did get something out of this article, and it made me think of Success in the City Sofla. I think this article compliments Success in City’s existence. The article speaks about reaping the intrinsic rewards of fulfillment in mastering our work and feeling connected to others (establishing healthy business relationship). And I agree, operating autonomously while being personally committed to building better connections is rewarding. I think it boosts our esteem and strengthen our convictions. Also, we learn how to manipulate challenges - balance the see-saw in a sense. Running a business is not easy, but I do not regret the risk I took too be here. I’m all in win –win!  

          Back to Success in the City’s existence. Our mission: To be an intimate and trusted resource that builds & nurtures business relationships amongst women business owners. Clearly we’re focused to build upon both, influence as well as affluence. Most networking groups today do not care; nor are they designed to focus on the intangible. It’s only about money - how to make it, or keep it – anything else is pointless. Yet, women such as me know differently. But, before I explain I “feel” the need to give a disclaimer: I believe that all emotions should be checked at the door – emotions Do Not belong in the workplace. Ladies some of us need to man up! End disclaimer. Now, as women, we’d be crazy to deny our emotions totally, as it is the essence of our preciousness. Therefore, we do need to have a professional plug-in that addresses our emotional component.  This is the role Success in the City plays.

          Our visionair stated, “Success isn't about making money. It's about making a difference. It’s about the vision, trust, passion and enjoying life along the way.” I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. You see, once one moves to a mode of thinking about money for what it truly is - a useable exchange only for goods or services – it has no other purpose life. The abundance one seeks should not outweigh the goods or services one provides. By doing so, one snatches from the lesser creating a bigger deficit and as we know this system is already depleted.  Nevertheless, we must work towards good. I encourage women business owners to stay committed with the intent to build, contribute, deliver, design, enhance, and influence the environment for the better. Whatever your mission is, whatever your contribution, whatever your gift, through your business I hope you prosper!

Sonya O. Pressley
- I do not claim to know it all – besides to know what I know is a story that has already been told - but I’ve witnessed enough and live between the lines.